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We launch your business and provide the platform, process, and people that every company needs to be ready to get customers.

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How We Think

We believe that entrepreneurship is transformative, both for the entrepreneur and the startup. We have chosen to work with startups because of the opportunity to create value during the early stage of business formation. 

Building a company is hard and entrepreneurs need a team to support them so they can focus on building a great product and validating the demand with first customers.  We expect change and we use data to help us make decisions.

Introducing  a better way to launch startups


We told our customers about ELM.  Here’s what they said. . .

“I wish I used ContentVia’s launch package.  I would’ve saved $10’s of thousands.  And I would’ve gotten to market months ahead of schedule.”

“We only used part of ContentVia’s launch package.  I wish we had started with them.”

“All we had was a concept.  ContentVia did the rest.  And we’re now building a successful business.”

Full Service Marketing Support For Innovators

We are fully staffed and full service.  ContentVia’s team in Columbus, Ohio is a collection of exceptionally creative and strategic marketers that form the essential marketing team.  We rely on the complete team from concept to delivery.  We plan, create, and distribute.  We are the digital generation, but we know that first customer relationships start with concepts.  We help you get out of the office and in front of your customers.

We’ve Helped These Brands Launch & Grow