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We all have something to share. Some call it an angle, some call it spin, but it’s actually a story, a story that encompasses your brand and what you have to offer. But not everyone’s story is compelling enough to propel action. So how do you make your story stand out above the noise?

In a nutshell: What is your story, and why do we care?

We were having an office debate about the trend of “storytelling” in marketing yesterday. Marketers love marketing storytelling, especially when it comes to our own services.  Storytelling is crucial for entrepreneurs because in the beginning, all you have is the narrative that brought you to this point. Your story gives your customers a unique perspective on your business and can make a recycled idea fresh again.  Storytelling is one of the ways that your brand comes to life and being able to tell a story before your business is fully formed is an art.

Whether you like the concept of storytelling or not, it’s a crucial component in defining  your brand and an essential technique that we can show you how to master. Helping our entrepreneurs tell their story to first customers is part of our strategy process.  We love Seth Godin’s classic post on how to tell a great story.

We know that crafting your story can be hard, especially if you prefer to be behind the scenes. Telling your story is not bragging, and it doesn’t have to be about you personally but is the gateway to being understood by your target market.  

The Framework for storytelling is about honestly answering questions about you and your business.

  1. How do you want to be recognized and remembered?
  2. What makes you unique?
  3. What makes you credible? Highlight your major accomplishments while avoiding tedious details.

After you answer these questions, we can fill in the blanks.

The story you tell today is who you will become tomorrow. Keep it simple, relatable, and authentic, and most importantly commit to it. You should be as comfortable and willing to share your story with a stranger in line at the grocery store  as you are with a potential investor. The only way this becomes possible is if you practice and refine your entrepreneurial story with the feedback and guidance from professionals like us.  For some great examples of storytelling, there is no better example than a TEDTalk.  Storytelling is how knowledge is shared, ideas are spread, and memories are made.  Storytelling can help you be memorable.
Let us help you tell your story. We are looking for interesting and innovative entrepreneurs who are bringing a unique perspective to the table and would love to feature your story on our blog. Contact team@contentvia.com and pitch us your story using the subject line “storytellers”.